In line with the company's corporate mission, the logo design is a visual representation of the company's commitment to comply with all building regulations, meet customer requirements for quality homes and to deliver completed homes on time.

The word "Comfort Assured" are chosen to further strengthen the visual impact of quality assurance and confidence conveyed by the corporate mission. "Comfort" is a word that is identifiable to all segments of the population, whether it is an owner of a bungalow home, a terrace house or a low cost unit. This is necessary as PLB builds homes for all segments of the property market.

The combination of these two elements reinforces the company's vision with the aim towards making customers identify with PLB as a developer of quality and comfortable homes.

The roof cover over the word "HOMES" means building homes for people while the curving green line represents grass as well as freshness. The combination of these elements creates a logo that is easy to relate to the company's business as well as home comforts while the inclusion of the PLB Group logo and PLB name into the design creates a link to the main company.

  Tmn Jerjak Indah
  Tmn Sg Bakap Permai
  Tmn Tasek Indah
  Tmn Delima Indah
  Desa Jelita
  Casa Tebrau
  Taman Cendana
  Serina Bay

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